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My Father's Murder

“Sons of suicides seldom do well. Characteristically, they find life lacking a certain zing. They tend to feel more rootless than most, even in a notoriously rootless nation. They are squeamishly incurious about the past and numbly certain about the future to this grisly extent: they suspect that they, too, will kill themselves.”

-Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

"I guess my dad should just drink Pepsi."

-Jedediah Johnson c. September 27th, 1984
Fathers Day 1982
6 Pack (detail)
Raven Arms MP-25, 355270
Once in The Face
If The Gun Hadn't Jammed
Squeamishly Incurious
If The Beginning is 0
2 Shots (Pink and Rust)
What's The Matter (Are Your Fingers Broken)
The Long Drives to Michigan
1 Shot (Black and Red and Rust)
1 Shot (Rust)
Thrown Out
5' 7", 5 Shots, .22LR
5' 7", 5 Shots, .22LR (detail)
Jennings Firearms Inc. J-22, 1056068
6 Pack
Exactly What I Wanted to Do
Just A Few of The Women I've Shot